It’s Hard To Be Happy All The Time…

What I’ve learned in the past few weeks is that adjusting to adulthood is hard. Realizing that having your friends around only happens once in a blue moon and understanding that people sometimes only like you because of the things you have (or don’t.) Knowing these things have, to put it lightly, been tearing me apart and I am still working through them but I have learned a valuable lesson. You can’t please them all! I used to try so hard to make people laugh and like me and realized now at the tender age of 20 that I can’t care. I will drive myself nuts trying to make others happy and I have so much other stuff to worry about than if people like me. I mean everyone enjoys being liked and I know that but I can’t worry about if everyone in my office likes me. I just need to go to work and get my paycheck so I can live my life and be happy with who I am. I’m still trying to get a hold of it all because it is a lot to adjust to when you’ve always had friends to fall back on and people that liked having you around. Now they are all busy with their own lives that its hard to catch you anymore. I pray that God will send me in the right direction because I’ve lost a lot of people lately and I’m not sure if it’s me or if it’s them. If it’s me then I don’t know if I can change myself to keep other people around or if I will just end up alone fighting for something that doesn’t even matter.

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